What is the best type of lawn sprinkler?

Sprinkler watering lawn

The most efficient sprinkler for any lawn The most efficient way to water a lawn would be to have a professionally installed underground sprinkler system. They provide excellent coverage and reduce waste, but have a hefty upfront cost. Best lawn sprinkler for a large lawn The best type of sprinkler for a large lawn would … Read more

Sprinkler Systems – How do they work?

Sprinkler system spray head watering lawn

Understanding the basics of lawn sprinkler systems It’s Saturday afternoon, and you’re wandering through the crunchy grass, wondering what the next step is for you and your lawn. You venture over to the garage and open the sprinkler systems controller box. You push some buttons and maybe turn a knob. At least the water came … Read more

When to Water in Lawn Pre-emergent

Rotor sprinkler watering lawn

If there is one thing that can make or break your investment in lawn care services – it’s proper watering. If a lawn is not properly watered after a treatment it can result in many months of your lawn not looking as good as it could. Let’s break this down into a Q&A format to answer some … Read more

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