What is the best type of lawn sprinkler?

Brendon Willis
Sprinkler watering lawn

The most efficient sprinkler for any lawn

The most efficient way to water a lawn would be to have a professionally installed underground sprinkler system. They provide excellent coverage and reduce waste, but have a hefty upfront cost.

Best lawn sprinkler for a large lawn

The best type of sprinkler for a large lawn would be an “impact” sprinkler. Impact sprinklers can be found in home stores. They are the most efficient for covering a large area.

Best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure

For low water pressure, an oscillating sprinkler would work best as watering pattern isn’t as dependent on pressure. Lower pressure with an oscillating sprinkler means it covers less area so you will have to move it more, but the pattern is still uniform. Whereas with an impact sprinkler, a lower pressure may still cover a sizeable area, but the low pressure will cause the water dispersion to be highly uneven and inefficient.

How long will a lawn sprinkler last?

There are several factors that go into how long a sprinkler will last. Build quality, sprinkler type, and water conditions can all effect this. Inexpensive plastic sprinklers might not last a season. Simple sprinklers with little to no moving parts can last many years. Sprinklers with moving internal parts can be affected by hard water buildup and can stop working in a matter of a season or two. The longest lasting sprinklers are professionally installed unground systems.

Tips for watering your lawn evenly

In watering your lawn, it’s important to realize the importance of moving the sprinkler around the lawn. Moving it around to multiple areas, even overlapping other areas, will improve efficiency. So, choose a sprinkler that is easy to move.

There is no such thing as a sprinkler with a perfect watering pattern. This means that it might water heavier the closer to further you are to the sprinkler itself. Choose a sprinkler that seems to spray the same amount of water near and far.

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