Reliable lawn care you can trust.

Willis Lawn Services is a team of professionally trained lawn care specialists locally servicing all Oklahoma City metropolitan areas.

Our Core Values

We adhere to and regularly evaluate our team according to these standards so you always receive the best quality service.

  1. Respect all people, equipment, rules, and the environment.
  2. Give 100%. Never accept anything that’s less than perfect.
  3. Integrity in everything we do.
  4. Selfless Desire for the Greater Good to ensure the stability of the company and the dependability of our customers.
  5. Proud to Produce a solid day’s work.
  6. “I Can’t” Never Did accomplish anything. You must be a problem solver to work in our company.
  7. Carpe Diem. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Get it done today.
  8. Own It. We don’t take projects or make promises that we aren’t willing to “own” in all potential outcomes.

Your entire experience guaranteed. Not just weed free.

A big reason people switch to our service is poor customer experience. “We keep calling and can never get someone to come out and take care of these weeds.” We hate poor service, and false promises. Providing anything less than a delightful customer experience is theft. That’s why we provide a 100% money-back guarantee for your entire experience, with full refund if you don’t think we deserve to keep your money.

Our 100% Guarantee

Why We’re Different

Why choose us if we only provided a beautiful lawn? Aren’t there a 100 others in who can do that? You expect to get a weed free, healthy lawn from every one. But we believe lawn care services should provide more than the bare minimum expectation. Customers are loyal to brands who provide great customer experiences. That’s why we all drive past five chicken joints to get to one Chick-fil-A. Putting customers first is what sets us apart.

Message from Owner

Delight our customers by exceeding expectations

This mission statement has been my motto from day one. It isn’t empty words. We use it every day, and take every word to heart.

  • Delight” – an experience that is better than satisfactory. An experience you look forward to doing again and again
  • our” – loyal following belonging to us because of what we promise and deliver
  • customers” – people who work hard for their money and seek to put it to good use
  • by exceeding” – never accept “satisfactory” as an acceptable customer experience
  • expectations” – good or bad thoughts, feelings, and assumptions reinforced by past experiences and future hopes

A friend and business consultant once asked me to name a few companies in my industry who I highly respected or wished to emulate as we grow. My answer was “none.”

I see the mission statement of these companies as ‘We aim to provide a neutral experience for you by providing what you’d expect,’ with tag lines like, ‘Staying in business by doing good enough to not lose more customers than we bring in.'”

There are no companies in this industry I want to emulate. They all settle for an experience that satisfies the bare minimum. I want to be different. I want us to delight our customers by exceeding expectations.

Brendon Willis, Founder & CEO

No more lawn care headaches, or your money back.

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