Why We’re Different

Written by Brendon Willis, Founder & CEO for you, our prospects and customers.

Oklahoma City Lawn Care

Unwritten Mission Statements

“Many companies mission statements could be ‘We aim to provide a neutral experience for you by providing what you’d expect.’ – and their tag line could be ‘Staying in business by doing good enough to not lose more customers than we bring in.’”

I wrote this a while back in a reply to a friend and business consultant.

He had asked me to name a few companies in my industry who I highly respected or wish to emulate as we grow.

I’d like to explain to you what I meant by that.

Why We’re Different

Why would someone be loyal to us if we just provide a beautiful lawn? Aren’t there 100 other companies in Oklahoma City who can do that?

Yes, or more.

You expect a weed free and healthy lawn. We believe that’s the bare minimum to meet your expectations. But I can list 14 unfortunate things you’ve probably come to expect.

We believe that if we provide more than you would have expected in as many ways as we can, that you will be a loyal customer and stay with us for many years. It’s the same reason you drive past five chicken joints to get to one Chick-Fil-A.

Customers are loyal to brands that provide a delightful customer experience.

Growing a business is easy when everything you do revolves around your customer.

Entire Experience Guaranteed – Not Just Weed Free

What we have heard as a primary reason for canceling with one service and switching to us revolves around poor customer experience. The weed control problems are almost never the first complaint.

“We keep calling and can never get someone to come out and take care of these weeds.”

Everyone on our team hates poor service. We have all dealt with it ourselves. We will not promise you a weed free lawn or “free, unlimited, keep coming back to spray” annoyances. We guarantee your entire experience, and we will give you your money back if you don’t think we deserve to keep it.

Providing anything less than a delightful customer experience is theft. We put our bottom line in our customer’s hands. Business relationships are fragile, at least at first. Why is it that all companies require that the customers bear that risk?

If this strikes a chord with you, perhaps you should call us now or get a quote online.