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If you’re looking into our lawn care program you should know this right off the bat: You won’t have purchased lawn care this way before. If you want to stick with the old way of doing things, you should stop reading now. To get better results, we ask you to think differently.

Willis’s lawn care program is designed to be flexible. This allows us to tailor the number, type, and frequency of lawn treatments to each unique lawn. How is this different? You won’t buy a certain number of lawn treatments per year. Instead, we give you a dependable investment amount and ask you to buy Willis’s signature lawn results.

Normal Lawn CompanyThe Willis Way
The promise to you:Treat your lawn X times per year.A lawn you will be proud of and a dependable experience.
What you’re paying for:A generic package of A la carte lawn treatments.Willis Team tailoring treatments to your lawn’s unique needs.
How you’re paying for it:A payment after each lawn treatmentOne payment for the year. (We break it down into 12 monthly payments for most customers.)
How money is made:Applying the quoted number of lawn treatments.Delivering results.
Your safety net:They will come back over and over to try and make you happy.Cancel any time and get your money back if you feel like we couldn’t do what you expected.

Our Signature Lawn Care Program

Every Willis customer receives weed control and fertilization. These services are always included. For many homeowners, this signature program is exactly what’s needed – no more, no less. Thus, it’s a very convenient package.

Willis Lawn tech spraying blue colorant weed prevention

Weed Control

We rid your lawn of weeds, and keep them gone.

How We Weed >

Willis lawn services technician fertilizing grass


We keep your lawn green with the best fertilizers.

How We Fertilize >

What upgrades are available?

We offer several lawn care services you can add to our signature package (with more to come). We only offer services we believe provide real value to our customers. These upgrade can be added or removed at any time.

Lawn Aeration

Grub Worm Prevention

Army Worm Prevention

Soil Testing

Soil Amendments

Healthy green lawn grass closeup

What else to know

Many people like to start with a soil test. A soil test will tell us if you would benefit from soil amendments, such as a pH adjustment. A tailored approach to fertilizer goes a long way towards a healthy lawn. However, sometimes a pH adjustment can really help.

Now what?

If you think our lawn care services are a good fit for your needs or want to learn more, please get in touch. You can contact us now or schedule a time to talk. If you’re still on the fence, check out our 100% money-back guarantee.

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