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Difference, Empathy, & Logic

We’re homeowners too. We get it. It’s frustrating dealing with home service companies.

They don’t answer the phone, don’t call back, you can’t text them, can’t pay online, can’t pay automatically, still have weeds, they won’t text you the day before they come, won’t stand behind their work, and the worst part is you’ve signed a contract with them. But don’t worry – they have a guarantee. They’ll come back over and over until you’re happy.

But you don’t want them to keep coming back. You want out of the relationship! We feel like the best way to run our business is to act differently and in a logical way. (You’re paying us. Our business should listen to you.)

So – we’ve addressed those problems. But, if you choose us and feel like we suck – we’ll just give you your money back so you can move on.

Lawn weed control, lawn fertilization, sprinkler repair and maintenance, commercial landscape services – we do all of that and we do it well. But best of all we listen to our customers and we adapt and change for what they prefer and want.

If you’ve never hired these services out, we hope you’ll talk to us. If you’re tired of crappy service, we hope you’ll talk to us. Over 97 percent of our customers stay with us year-after-year and we bet you will stay with us too.


Lawn Weed Control and Fertilization

Our program is built for Bermuda grass lawns and is guaranteed to be awesome for you. Complete weed control and fertilization services, 100% money-back guarantee.

christmas lights

Christmas Lights

Classy, fun, or a combination – Christmas lights custom designed to fit your taste and style! Recreate the warmth and magic of childhood for your family, community, or customers.


Commercial Services

Commercial grounds and landscape management programs – backed by a guarantee that no one else offers.

Our Values

The heart of our company is knowing that we exist as a company only because of our customers and therefore only for our customers. Our intense commitment to detail and motivating culture enables us to provide high-end services to many Oklahomans who didn’t realize that this standard of service was within their reach.