Additional Info on Willis Lawn’s Services

Since you’re investigating and trying to make the best decision for your lawn, family, and home — below are some features and points we think are noteworthy.

Blue Colorant

One of our most obvious features is that Willis uses a blue colorant in two of our liquid lawn treatments. The purpose of this blue colorant is to provide assurance to you that we have thoroughly treated all areas of your lawn.

This blue colorant is temporary and breaks down with UV rays and water. You can expect the blue to fade by half after a few days. It will continue to fade over the next week or two until it’s gone.

It can be tracked into the house by pets and children if they walk on it while it’s wet – whether by rain, dew, or sprinklers. However, most of our customers have pets and/or children and love our services! It’s not usually much of an issue.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Willis Lawn Services has a 100% Money Back Guarantee* on your experience as a customer of ours. This paired with our no-contract service makes us a zero-risk option for you. Best of all, our guarantee is not limited only to your lawn satisfaction, but your satisfaction with the entire experience of doing business with us.

*If we have been unable to resolve an issue with you after 3 attempts, you are eligible to receive up to 12 months of your investment with our company back into your pocket. This 12 month period resets every year from the time you sign up.

No Contracts

At Willis Lawn we believe the best way to keep customers is to set clear expectations, don’t over-promise, and do an amazing job so that you want to stay with us. Contracts for lawn care are a thing of the past – or they should be. Not happy? Cancel right now, no problem.

Rapid Response

Our goal is to respond to all customer requests with a clear and mutually agreed upon plan of action, if not a complete resolving of the request, within four business days of the request coming in. We are usually resolving these tickets much quicker than this, but 4 business days is our ideal maximum. We don’t leave our customers hanging.

Pets and Children

Most of our customers have pets or children, or both. Here’s the gist. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be ok.

  • The products we use are not “graze safe” meaning they aren’t meant to be ingested by animals or humans
  • All products are EPA and ODAFF approved.
  • Until the treatment has been thoroughly watered in, keep an eye on pets to ensure they aren’t eating grass with lawn treatment applied, and ensure kids aren’t putting things in their mouth or eyes that have been sprayed.
  • Best practice is to keep pets and kids off of the spray applications (blue stuff) until it’s dry AND:
  • Thoroughly water the treatment into the ground 12-24 hours after it has been applied. Once it has been watered into the soil a few times this will rinse the lawn treatment off of the grass and down safely into the soil


We do not use traditional “organic” products because our customers have seen better value in the “real stuff” as they say. However, organics have the opportunity to greatly improve your lawn. If you’re thinking about top-dressing with compost, do it! We love organics if they are done right, but it’s quite expensive and complicated to achieve the same results our products produce by using a strictly organic approach.

Products We Use

At Willis Lawn we are all about testing the latest greatest products. That said, we also have a few products that we have used since the inception of our business. Our philosophy is: use what works really really well, but eagerly learn about new products coming to market in pursuit of always improving for our customers.

We experiment, we run tests and trials, and we deploy the things we find work well. With Willis – it’s important to note that the way we perform services might change from time to time, but the quality of your lawn should never change, lest you cash in on our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Referral Program

Are you the neighborhood lawn influencer? Our referral program feature provides a $25 credit to you and the person you refer to us if they sign up. There is no limitation to this program. We have given hundreds of dollars in credits to individual customers.


Our customers quite literally shape our company roadmap. We take feedback very seriously. Every support request you submit, every lawn treatment you receive, and every year you continue doing business with us – We will ask you for your feedback. We make our business decisions based around the feedback from our customers. We like to monitor customer satisfaction in real time, and these surveys allow us to do so.

Easy Communication and Texting

Literally, “great communication” is the most frequently used phrase in our survey responses and thus is an important feature to all of our customers. We heard that the issue with most lawn companies is terrible communication. So we ran the other way. We use email, Facebook, and text messaging as forms of communication. We try to be all the places you already are, and use the tools you already use. We give seasonal updates, suggestions, and answer broad questions on a routine basis in a way all our customers can receive the message.


With Willis, you receive reliable text message notifications letting you know we’ll be out the next day. In addition, our technicians personally text you on the way to your property. This way, you can ask any questions, come out to visit, or communicate any important notes directly with the person on your lawn. They will also text you when they are finished up.

Private Facebook Help Group

Willis Lawn has several Facebook initiatives; Our Company Facebook profile, the Oklahoma Free Lawn Help group, and the Willis Crowd group.

The Willis Crowd group is a private group for our customers. This is our trusted group of customers who contribute to our other customers and to our company in the form of questions about lawn care, questions about our service, identifying problems or potential problems with our service, and sharing best practices and tips. Nothing is off limits. We don’t delete the ugly stuff, we talk about it and work it out.

No more lawn care headaches, or your money back.

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