Weed Control Services OKC

Willis provides lawn weed control services on Bermuda grass lawns in Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro areas. (Note: Weed control is not standalone, must be purchased in a program.)

Our approach is simple.

  • Utilize the best products for the weeds we deal with here in central Oklahoma.
  • Execute our annual treatment calendar to provide weed-free lawns year-round.
  • Put only the necessary amount of product on a lawn – don’t over-treat – but ensure 100% of our customers will delight in their lawn.

Weed Prevention and Control Schedule

We have a tried-and-true pre-emergent weed treatment schedule, and we follow the OSU OK County Extension office’s calendar.

There are two types of weed control treatments: blanket applications and spot applications. Blanket applications are where we treat the entire lawn for weeds. Spot treating is when a technician carries around a smaller tank and treats spots with weeds.

We will spot-treat for weeds every time we are at your home. We have three scheduled blanket applications. For information on our fertilization schedule, please visit our lawn fertilization services page.)

Most seasons, your weed control applications will occur as follows:

  • Weed treatment 1 – January/February
  • Weed Treatment 2 – March/April
  • Weed Treatment 3 – September/October
  • (All programs include 4 additional fertilization treatments)

Weed-Free Guarantee

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee not only on our lawn services – but also on your entire experience. We think it’s very important to put our bottom line on the hook for your satisfaction.

Commitment to Technology

We use the best herbicides our industry has to offer. We test new products from time to time, always looking for ways to minimize environmental and cost implications for our customers while providing the same quality we have always provided.