Lawn Care Warr Acres, Oklahoma

West/Central Lawn Care Office

Address: 5850 W Wilshire Blvd, Suite 6, Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Phone: 405-578-5369

Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday: Offices Closed

Sunday: Day of Rest

Areas Served: Oklahoma City, Yukon, Piedmont, Mustang, Edmond, Warr Acres, Bethany, Nichols Hills, and surrounding areas.

Average Lawn Details

Lawn size: 5,732 square feet

Soil pH: 7.1

Turf type: common bermuda, some fescue in longer established neighborhoods

Soil conditions: red clay, dark clay, some sandy loam

Technicians in area: 3Time to resolve customer requests: 1.3 business days

Lawn Care Warr Acres Oklahoma

If you want a green lawn when it’s hotter than 100 degrees outside, you need a professional. It takes constant care to keep a healthy lawn free of weeds and protected from our notorious droughts.

At Willis, we are dedicated to attentive lawn care services and making sure you’re satisfied with our results. We proudly serve Warr Acres and other areas throughout the OKC metro. Our lawn care, fertilization, aeration, and weed control services will keep your yard in great shape through the summer, and in the winter they’ll give you a head start on a lawn you can be proud of when everything greens up again.

We are proud of our work and make customer satisfaction our top priority. If we think the final result misses our high standard of excellence, we’ll reimburse you for up to a year starting at your last renewal. Here’s more information about our guarantee.

We believe your overall experience should be what keeps you coming back year after year — not a contract.

We want to keep you as a customer by delighting you with our great work. Everything we do revolves around our customers. Whether it’s our comprehensive lawn care program, weed prevention, lawn fertilization, or lawn aeration, an excellent customer experience is our top goal — along with the customer satisfaction that will make you want to continue working with us long-term.

We won’t keep your money if we believe the end result doesn’t live up to your lawn care needs. And we’ll reimburse you for up to 12 months starting at your most recent renewal. You can read more about our guarantee here.

Let us show you that we’re the most attentive, dedicated local lawn care service in the OKC metro area. Call our West/Central Lawn Care Office at (405) 578-5369 or get a free quote online.

Warr Acres Lawn Care Services FAQ

If you don’t see an answer to your question here, contact us!

What’s included in your Lawn Care Program?

With our flexible lawn care services, we’re able to tailor the type, number, and frequency of lawn treatments to your lawn’s unique needs.

Every Willis Lawn Services customer receives our lawn weed control and lawn fertilization services as part of the program. If your lawn has a particular need, we will customize our treatment program to meet them. For many homeowners, our signature lawn care program gives them exactly what they need.

If you’ve had specific difficulties with your lawn, schedule a conversation today and we’ll assess what we can do to improve the health of your lawn so you can enjoy and be proud of it.

Our customers often choose to start with a soil test. This tells us if you’d benefit from soil amendments like a pH adjustment. A tailored approach to fertilizer goes a long way toward a healthy, green lawn.

What upgrades can I get?

We offer multiple add-ons to our lawn care services, including preventative pest control services for grub and army worms. We only offer services that we believe offer real value to our customers. You can add or remove services anytime you want.

Add-on services include: Lawn aeration services, grub worm preventative services, army worm preventative services, soil testing services, and soil amendments services.

What do you offer in your Weed Control Services?

Our weed control services are comprehensive and will address all Oklahoma weeds. We’ll do this for you without a contract and with a 100% money-back guarantee.
Lawn health is essential to weed control, so our weed control process is not a standalone service but is included in our Lawn Care Program.

We use a blue colorant in certain liquid-applied lawn treatments. The blue color lets you see that your entire lawn is being treated, letting you know that your lawn will be ready for spring.

Our technicians are trained to spray your lawn with precision — not your fences, retaining walls, flower beds, toys, or driveway. This ensures our treatments will always be clean and uniform.

What’s included in your Lawn Fertilization Services?

We provide lawn fertilization services on Bermuda grass lawns in the Yukon area and all around the Metro. Fertilizer is not standalone and must be purchased with the Lawn Care Program.

Here’s our approach:

1. Utilize the fertilizers that work best for Bermuda grass in our climate.

2. Follow our annual treatment calendar to give you a beautiful, dense, healthy lawn.

3. Avoid over-treating your lawn while ensuring you will be delighted with the end result.

Your lawn happiness — and your entire experience — is 100% guaranteed. We use the best fertilizers and test new products frequently, always looking for ways to be friendlier to the environment and mitigate costs for our customers while giving you top-quality services.

How often do you fertilize a lawn?

Our lawn fertilization treatment schedule provides the best nutrient levels to give your lawn maximum density and consistent dark green that doesn’t fade, while preventing the need for excessive lawn mowing.

Following the Oklahoma County OSU Extension Center’s calendar, your lawn fertilization applications will be roughly 6 weeks apart starting in April or May.

Fertilizer 1 – Quick green-up and growth.

Fertilizer 2-3 – For color and density improvement and maintenance.

Fertilizer 4 – Helps finish out the season with a healthy lawn and prepare for winter.

All programs include 3 weed prevention treatments.

What are Lawn Aeration Services and why do I need them?

Some lawns need aeration more than others, but all lawns will see benefits. Lawns with lots of traffic will have grass that grows more evenly. If you have heavy clay soil, there will be less water run-off. Established healthy lawns will have reduced thatch.

Aeration is the first thing you should consider adding to your lawn health program, as it has a compounding effect on other services.

Here’s why:

1. Lawn aeration creates space for new root growth underground.

2. It speeds up decomposition of excessive buildup of old organic material, or thatch, in your lawn. If left unmanaged, thatch can slow down its own decomposition, cause a spongy feel in the lawn, and increase issues with pests and diseases.

3. It increases the transfer of water, air, and nutrients down into where the roots grow.

For proper core aeration, a heavy machine forces a number of hole punches, or tines, repeatedly into the soil of your lawn. The tines grab the soil and eject “plugs” onto the surface of the lawn.

Typically, the plugs are left on the lawn to decompose in 1-3 weeks, which greatly reduces the amount of labor needed for the process.

These voids in the soil allow it to spread out. Your lawn will love this, and you’ll likely see lots of new root development.

For a relatively small investment, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of your lawn care strategy. Call us at (405) 256-4926 for more information or to get signed up!

How is Willis different from your competition?

A typical lawn care company will treat your lawn a set number of times per year, offer generic packages, and require payment after each visit. And if something goes wrong, they’ll keep coming back over and over to try to make you happy. But doing something ineffectively five times won’t fix the problem.

We believe the best lawn care services care about how your yard looks. Our promise is a lawn you will be proud of, and that you’ll have a dependable experience with us. Our team will tailor treatments to your lawn’s unique needs. You’ll pay once for the year. (Most customers choose to break it down into 12 monthly payments.) We make our money by delivering results. Cancel any time and get your money back if you feel like we didn’t do the excellent job you expected.

Do you do tree trimming or landscape services?

No, we are solely dedicated to serving your lawn care needs. Rather than broadening our efforts into a full-service outdoor maintenance service, we specialize in comprehensive lawn care services including weed control, fertilization, grub and armyworm pest control, and aeration.

We put our entire focus on giving you the best customer service and the most satisfying end result. To ensure top quality for our specialized services, we don’t extend our efforts into tree services, landscape design, sod installation, leaf removal, seeding, mulch, snow removal, weed eater or lawn mowing services, or any other landscaping services.

If you have a landscaping project or are looking for landscape maintenance, cleanup, and tree trimming or removal services, there are plenty of providers in Yukon and surrounding areas with a high overall rating. If you want premium lawn care services from professionals with years of experience who will put your satisfaction and the ease of your experience above all else, call us today or get a quote online.

Which neighborhoods in the Warr Acres area do you serve?

Willis serves cities and neighborhoods all over the Oklahoma City area. Whether you live in Edmond or Moore, Norman or Piedmont, we will come to you. The Warr Acres area, which includes Oklahoma City, Bethany, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, and Nichols Hills, is served by our West/Central Lawn Care Office at (405) 256-4926.