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15712 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Cube 3,

Edmond, OK 73013

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Areas Served

Deer Creek, North Oklahoma City, Northwest Oklahoma City, Edmond, Piedmont, and surrounding areas.

Average Lawn Details

Lawn size: 6,109 square feet

Soil pH: 7.4

Turf type: common Bermuda

Soil conditions: red clay west, dark clay central/the east, sandy east

Technicians in area: 3Time to resolve customer requests: 1.32 business days

Professional Lawn Care Services in Deer Creek, Oklahoma

Homeowners in the beautiful Deer Creek area are enthusiastic about creating outdoor spaces that they’re truly proud of. This all starts with a thriving and healthy lawn. However, achieving a green lawn can be harder than it looks — with Oklahoma’s droughts and intense heat, lawn maintenance throughout the hot summer months and into winter can require real precision and expertise.

That’s where we come in. As your local Deer Creek lawn care team, we at Willis are equipped with the right tools and experience to create vivid and lush grass. With a customer-centric full-service lawn care experience, we’re making grass greener and homeowners happier, one lawn at a time.

Your Lawn Care Service Options

Our focus is three-fold: professional lawn care, dedicated customer service, and beautiful end results. We, therefore, offer a set of proven services that have delivered on this focus time and time again. This includes:

  • The Willis Lawn Care Program: Our comprehensive lawn care program is personalized and unique to every property. We assess your needs, diagnose your lawn, and build a specialized plan for you from there, with its own fair pricing.
  • Weed Prevention Services: This service is included with every Lawn Care Program. It’s best practice and it delivers reliable weed control.
  • Lawn Fertilization Services: This service is also included with every Lawn Care Program. This helps us to ensure your grass has all the nutrients it needs.
  • Lawn Aeration Services: This optional add-on may be recommended depending on the issues you’re facing with your lawn. It can help supercharge your lawn’s health.

Our high-quality Deer Creek lawn care services are easy to get started with. All you have to do is hop online to get a free quote or call us by dialing 405-241-4874. We’ll discuss your property and your lawn’s needs with you in order to guide you to the right services for you.

Our Pricing and Guarantee

As business owners, we run things a little differently — we don’t trap customers in contracts and we don’t offer a set amount of treatments. Instead, we give you a year-long lawn care solution and charge you for that year. This payment can be broken into 12 monthly payments, for your convenience.

We believe that the result of our lawn care program speaks for itself. We don’t rely on the old ways of doing things, and we’re so confident in our outcomes that we offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your lawn after we work on it. We offer up to 12 months reimbursed, starting at your most recent renewal. To learn more about our guarantee, click here.For next-level lawn care, delivered intelligently, call our phone number today at (405) 241-4874 or simply hop online to get a free quote.

Deer Creek Lawn Care Services FAQ

In Deer Creek, we often get questions about lawn care pricing, lawn maintenance, lawn mowing, insect control, care for different grass types, and more.

We’ve therefore created a helpful FAQ page in order to get all the answers to your questions in one place. If you don’t see your question on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What are the main services you provide at Willis Lawn Care?

Our main service is the comprehensive Lawn Care Program. It involves a year-round lawn care schedule, in which we deliver a specific number, type, and frequency of treatments to your lawn based on the assessment we’ve made of the grass and soil, and your ultimate goals. The program is unique in how flexible and personalized it is.

This all starts with a soil test. Testing the soil tells us whether you need any pH adjustment and from there we can plan accordingly, as well as consider fertilizers and weed control. The results? A green lawn with robust growth and a great feel.

What’s included in the Lawn Care Program in Deer Creek?

Every Lawn Care Program includes our weed control and lawn fertilization services to ensure a solid baseline of a healthy lawn. Then, depending on your particular lawn, we tailor our schedule and treatments, in order to achieve the best possible results from the grass. Homeowners get exactly the activity they need on their lawn, and that’s what they pay for.

Oftentimes, new customers will come to us feeling that the issues with their lawns are too challenging to overcome. Perhaps they’ve worked with other lawn maintenance services to try to clean up their outdoor space, and it hasn’t worked. That’s where it’s useful to schedule a conversation to see how we can help. Because we’re confident that we can. And we’ll do it with a 100% money-back guarantee, without a contract.

How do you approach weed control?

Our weed control service, included in our Willis Lawn Care Program, will address all your weeds and leave you with a clean and clear lawn. Using a specialized set of weed control tools and products, we consistently return and ensure that weeds don’t have the opportunity to take hold or take over your outdoor spaces. Essentially, we’ll make sure that your sprinkler system is doing more than just watering weeds.

Pre-emergent herbicides play a big role in our process, as do a range of post-emergent herbicides, for customers with new lawns or lawns that are experiencing problems with certain kinds of weeds. Our technicians are precise and expert — they apply treatments where they’re needed and do everything with your overall lawn strategy in mind.

We aren’t stuck in our ways, though — we use a growing list of products and new technology, as we believe in innovation, and we’re excited to try all the new weed control methodologies in the industry. With this in mind, we’re also dedicated to convenient treatment schedules and keeping your costs as low as they can be.

How do you approach lawn fertilization?

Lawn fertilization is also included in our Lawn Care Program. The most common type of grass in the Deer Creek area, and all around Oklahoma, is Bermuda grass. Our lawn fertilization service is calibrated to help you get the most from your Bermuda grass and the central Oklahoma climate, ensuring vivid green shades and lush growth.

We also ensure that we only ever put the necessary amount of treatment onto your lawn, and use the highest quality fertilizers in the industry. Our focus is on quality, while also considering the environmental and cost elements of our work.

What is the annual lawn fertilization calendar?

Our annual lawn fertilization calendar is guided by the Oklahoma County OSU Extension Center’s calendar for treatments. This is created on a yearly basis, and aims to deliver the ideal amount of nutrients at the right times in order to achieve optimal lawn color and density. This also ensures that your lawn remains green and does not fade between fertilizations.

Lawn fertilization sessions will go forward every 6 weeks beginning in April/May.

Fertilizer 1 – Quick green up and growth.

Fertilizers 2 and 3 – Geared toward color and density improvement and maintenance.

Fertilizer 4 – Helps finish out the season with a healthy lawn and prepare for winter.

Can I add any extras to my Lawn Care Program?

Everyone’s lawn is different, and we therefore offer several lawn care services that you can add on to your Willis Lawn Care Program. As we respond in real time to customer needs, we also have more add-ons on offer.

Our extra services include: lawn aeration, grub worm prevention, army worm prevention, soil testing, and soil amendment.

If you opt in to one of our add-ons, you can cancel at any time.

How does lawn aeration work?

Lawn aeration can quickly give your lawn a boost of health and new growth. Essentially, it works by cutting out thousands of “plugs” from your lawn — taking soil and grass away so that the remaining soil and grass can decompress and spread out. When the soil spreads out like this, it gives the grass more access to air, nutrients, and water, creating new growth and healthy root systems.

Aeration also has the benefit of decomposing any thatch on your lawn much faster. Thatch is old organic material that creates a spongy feel on the lawn, which can also lead to pests and disease.

What’s included in your lawn aeration add-on?

We perform a professional core aeration of your lawn with a heavy specialized machine. The machine has a set of metal tines which punch down into the soil and cut out 4” pieces (or plugs). These are then pulled out and deposited on your lawn, to decompose naturally.

If you’re big on hosting (everyone loves summer BBQs!), and your lawn sees a lot of foot or vehicle traffic, then aeration will give you far more even coverage of grass. There will also be less water run-off for those with heavy clay soil, and reduced thatch as the organic matter is encouraged to decompose faster.

The method we use — core aeration (also known as plug aeration) — is the leading industry methodology. You may have heard of this, alongside “spike aeration.” We caution against using spike aeration, as it simply involves forcing a spike into the ground without pulling any soil back out. This creates more compression, and exacerbates any issues your lawn may already be experiencing. The idea is to create more space for new growth and more nutrients, not less! So, we always use core aeration in our projects with you.

Our service is particularly effective for those on our Lawn Care Program, as it adds even more robust health and encourages further growth. It’s a small investment but you see significant results.

What should I know before aerating my lawn?

Lawn aeration doesn’t have to be stressful — especially if you go with Willis Lawn Care Services.

The main thing to note is the season. For Bermuda grass, which is a warm-season grass, you’ll want to aerate during the growing season to see the most significant results. You’ll also want to take a look at your outdoor spaces and make sure it’s safe to start aeration. We recommend marking out your underground systems, sprinklers, dog fences, and more, to make sure the aerator doesn’t do any damage.

After the aeration is complete, you’ll see thousands of those 2-3” long soil plugs on your lawn. This can concern some customers, but don’t worry — after about 1-3 weeks they’ll break down and naturally decompose, especially if you regularly water your lawn.

Interested in the power of aeration for your lawn? Simply reach out to us at (405) 241-4874 for more information!

Can I aerate my own lawn?

With the correct machinery, it is absolutely possible to aerate your own lawn. When you Google articles on how to do this, you’ll see a lot of results saying that you simply need to go for spike aeration, or spike bottom shoes. As we explained above, this is only going to create more soil compression and more issues down the line.
So if you’re going to do it yourself, buy or rent a real core-aerator. It’s labor intensive, but it’s worth it for the great results. Of course, you can also outsource to us — the lawn experts! Feel free to schedule a conversation to see how we can help.

Why should you choose Willis?

The answer is simple — we give you something better than typical lawn care companies in Deer Creek. With local experts on hand to apply precise and scientific treatments to your lawn, we deliver results that you can rely on. We don’t simply treat your lawn a certain number of times per year and offer generic packages. We diagnose your individual lawn, come in with relevant solutions, and build a service with your property at its heart.

Above all, we are highly effective. We truly care about how your yard looks, and we aim to deliver a lawn you’ll be proud of, within an extremely dependable customer experience.

Our payment process is also simple — we break it down into 12 monthly payments, and make our money by working with your lawn to craft a stunning and green space. You can cancel any time, and benefit from our money-back guarantee, too.
Want to hear more? Call us today at (405) 241-4874 or simply get online for a free quote.

Do you do tree trimming or landscape services?

This question is understandable. We are the lawn care experts, after all. People are often curious about whether we offer broader lawn mowing services, pest control, tree services, leaf removal, seeding, or any other landscaping services. We do not. This is because we believe in focusing on one thing and executing it extremely well. That’s why we specialize in lawn care, including weed control, fertilization, and aeration.

So, if you want to put your lawn in the hands of people who really know what they’re doing, for premium lawn care services, call us now or get a quote online.

What Deer Creek area neighborhoods are you in?

We are available to work across Deer Creek, and we serve cities all the Oklahoma metro area. Whether you live in Bethany or Arcadia, Mustang or Moore, we’re there for your lawn care needs.