Sylvester Stallone Caught in OKC Face-Down in Lawn Near Wheeler District

Brendon Willis
Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa with Willis Lawn Care

OKLAHOMA CITY – A late-Spring heat wave appeared to be too much for the film icon, or so it seemed. Stallone is currently in Oklahoma City shooting the Tulsa King TV series.

An Oklahoma City man, Marcus Broomstalk was jogging yesterday afternoon near Wheeler District when what appeared to be a distressed man crawling through a lawn caught his eye.

At that time, Broomstalk called 911 and requested a welfare check on the man. Shortly after, the man fell face-first into the lawn.

Concerned, Broomstalk approach and realized it was Stallone, but not a passed out Stallone. “He was actually smiling and kind of rubbing his head around in the lawn.”

Still concerned, Broomstalk waited for paramedics to arrive.

“I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, laying in the lawn like that. Kinda weird you know?” Broomstalk said.

Oklahoma City firefighters were first to arrive on the scene. “We approached Mr. Stallone to offer assistance and a bottle of water” explained Captain Malarkey “but he immediately hopped up and said he was feeling better than ever.”

“Essentially what happened was Mr. Stallone was taking an afternoon walk and came across a lawn that had been cared for by Willis Lawn. In his words, ‘It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.’” Malarkey continued… “He couldn’t believe his eyes, so he took to crawling around in the lawn, inspecting it up close. When he realized what he was seeing was real, he couldn’t help but collapse into the lawn and get as close to it as possible, which is when Mr. Broomstalk found him.”

Fortunately, Stallone was safe and healthy and continued on his walk after a brief praise. “You know, I might need to think about calling Oklahoma City home if this is where Willis Lawn is doing their work.”

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