Why do you spray for weeds when summer is almost over?

Brendon Willis
Green grass lawn in Oklahoma City

Whats the deal with all these lawn treatments?

To most people, weed control and fertilizer is confusing and mysterious. But it’s actually pretty simple:

  • Kill the weeds that are alive
  • Prevent new weeds from growing
  • Give the lawn the food it would like to eat

What treatment should I put on my yard this time of year?

So when we’re spraying your lawn in September and October – yeah, there may be a weed or two in your lawn that we’re killing at that time. However, more importantly, we’re applying a fall pre-emergent. Let’s do a little Q&A!

What is pre-emergent?

“Pre-emergent” is a term used to describe a type of herbicide that works by binding it’s molecules to soil particles. Then, when a seed sends it’s first root into the soil, the herbicide “burns” the first and only root, thus destroying the opportunity for the seed to germinate.

Do I need pre-emergent?

If you’d prefer to keep weeds out of your lawn, a pre-emergent will do that when applied correctly. The alternative is to use a post-emergent which requires the weed to be alive and growing before the herbicide will work.

When should I apply pre-emergent?

Typically it is applied immediately prior to the typical germination period of the target weed. For example, if in Oklahoma you’re trying to prevent crabgrass, you’d need to have your pre-emergent applied before crabgrass germination temperatures arrive in the summer. (Typically April.)

How often should I apply pre-emergent?

Depends! Depends on the product, amount of product you apply at one time, target weeds, and a few other things. You should always follow the instructions on the herbicide label to be within legal guidelines and for best performance of the product.

Fall Pre-Emergent

Poa Annua Kentucky Bluegrass
Poa Annua in April (Kentucky Bluegrass)

The target weeds for this late summer / Fall lawn treatment when you live in Oklahoma are cool season weeds – both broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds. These are the weeds that sprout now, do nothing all winter, and grow like crazy in spring. Poa annua (Kentucky Bluegrass), henbit, etc..

The goal is to prevent weeds from ever coming up in your lawn, and the fall pre-emergent will keep away those nasty weeds that are in your neighbors lawn in March.

The OSU Extension Office has published a very helpful calendar for lawn care treatments. You should definitely check it out!

I don’t want to do this myself!

I’m glad you mentioned that! Not many people want to do it nor have the time to learn how to do it correctly. If you want to know how we do it, you can visit our weed and feed page. And – if you’re in Central Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Yukon, Choctaw, Midwest City, etc..) you should give us a call at 405-256-4926!

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