Expect These 14 Things From Lawn Care Services

Brendon Willis
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The Unfortunate Truth About Most Lawn Care Providers

When you begin a relationship with a weed control company you’re excited to see the results. You’re expecting a weed free lawn and healthy thick grass. Ahh – the serenity.

However, after 5 years you realize after switching from service to service that no company is trying to make things easy for you. Even if your lawn is beautiful, there’s a long list of annoyances that our customers had come to expect from all companies – until they switched to Willis Lawn Services.

  1. Non-answered phone calls
  2. Non-returned phone calls
  3. Confusing or unpredictable billing
  4. Undependable notifications to let you know they are coming
  5. Undependable service schedule to ensure the lawn you want
  6. Didn’t come when they said they would
  7. Inability to pay online or auto-pay
  8. No options for monthly budgeters
  9. Pushy salespeople
  10. Messy or sloppy workmanship
  11. Unprofessional looking equipment or technicians
  12. Unfriendly technicians or office staff
  13. Seems like they don’t understand what’s going on with your account
  14. No salesperson’s direct cell phone number

These are all basic things that should be executed for all customers, in all types of services, every time. This is the opinion of the staff at Willis Lawn Services. Guarantees should protect against these things, not just against a weed free lawn.

Therefore we put our money where our mouth is with our money-back guarantee – if we can’t do those basic things, we don’t deserve your money. Thus, the reason for our loyal happy customers is because we have addressed these things, and more.

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