Weed & Feed

Lawn Health Program

The grass can be greener on your side of the fence with Willis Lawn Services. Our lawn health program is designed to keep your lawn green, healthy, and weed free all year long.

Our lawn health program is comprised of:

  • 7 treatments
  • 4 fertilizations
  • 3 weed control applications

To keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, it is important to follow through with the appropriate maintenance. These services are given over the course of a year to ensure that your lawn is always looking its best year around.

Weed Spraying

We know that in Oklahoma, weeds are a major challenge. It can disrupt the appearance of a well-maintained lawn, and new weeds usually follow right after. Spend your time enjoying your beautiful lawn rather than working on it! Part of our standard lawn care services is ongoing weed control.

Our team of experts use only the best material and equipment for removing and controlling all types of weeds, to ensure that we deliver nothing but the best for you and your family.

Lawn Fertilizing

Does your lawn need more vibrancy? There are several reasons why lawns should be fertilized, including the simple fact that grass needs plenty of nutrients. Sometimes, the soil your grass is growing in might not have all of the nutrients that occur naturally that a lawn needs to grow correctly. If this is the case, let Willis Lawn Services provide you with our lawn fertilizing service to help maintain a greener, thicker, healthier lawn.