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Willis Lawn Services Terms & Conditions Agreement


This document contains a description of lawn health services offered by our company. If special methods or services are expected by the customer, they must be agreed upon and noted on the NOTES SECTION prior to signing. If they are not noted in the signed document, there is no guarantee that we can meet those requests and/or there may be additional charges for them. Services included in your agreement are described below.



All treatments will include a pre-emergent herbicide as well as a broadleaf weed post-emergent herbicide. You should not expect a completely weed-free lawn during the first year of our services, especially if we start mid-season. In most cases, however, you will begin to see results immediately. Your lawn will continue to improve as we continue treatment. Please water thoroughly one day after spray treatments (weed control) occurs to ensure pre-emergent works its way into the soil. PETS AND CHILDREN SHOULD BE KEPT OFF UNTIL WEED CONTROL HAS BEEN WATERED IN. DO NOT BAG GRASS UNTIL WATERED IN.

Our weed program includes three treatments. We will spot-treat hard-to-kill weeds such as Sandburs (stickers), Dallisgrass, and sedge if the problem areas are relatively small (typically less than 5% of the lawn), but a one- or two-time extra treatment may be suggested for heavy infestations of these weeds because our normal broadcast application will not cover them. Sometimes heavy infestations of stickers can take up to two growing season to be eradicated.


We use dry granular fertilizer products which must be watered in for activation. Watering your lawn on a routine basis is absolutely key to a thriving lawn. No amount of weed control or fertilizer will work without routine irrigation.

Our Bermuda fertilizer program includes 4 fertilization applications occurring approximately every 4-7 weeks throughout the growing season. Typically the first round will be a quick release, high nitrogen fertilizer to kick-start growth. Each following application will be balanced and will typically include iron. If a technician notices a particular need in a lawn, he may choose a special fertilizer temporarily.



Invoices will include the time and date of service and will typically be sent within a few days of the service. Payment is due 15 days after the invoice date. Payment can be made by check or automatic bank draft. Please send checks to Willis Lawn Services, LLC, P.O. Box 545, Choctaw, OK 73020 or set up automatic bank draft by filling out the appropriate information on the AGREEMENT PAGE. A service charge of 1.5% per month or 18% annually will be added to accounts not paid by their due date.


Services will be performed at a time set by the company and based on optimal timing for that specific treatment, as well as weather. At the customer’s request, we can text or e-mail the day before we show up. The customer is responsible for ensuring the technician has reasonable access to all areas to be treated. If any area is inaccessible at the scheduled time of treatment, the area may be skipped until the next service date but the customer will be billed a minimum-stop charge of $50.00. We suggest requesting a day-before notification if the customer has a locked gate, pets, or anything sensitive to chemicals.


Our goal is for the same person to service your lawn every time. We encourage you to develop a relationship with your crew and account manager. From time to time personnel changes should be expected. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or problems, you can also reach our main office by phone at 405-229-8460 or by e-mail at office@willislawnservices.com.


This is a 12 month agreement which renews automatically every year. If you wish to terminate the renewal it must be done in writing at least 30 days prior to the renewal date. We will not increase quantity or cost of services without customer approval during the term of the agreement. If there is a cost increase, we will notify the customer at least 5 days before the 30 day minimum cancellation notice period to allow the customer time to decide on the new price. If we initiate a price change, rest assured that company-initiated price changes may happen ONLY upon the renewal of the agreement. The customer may request new services to be added prior to the renewal of the agreement.


There is an early cancellation fee equal to 25% of the annual total of the agreement.

Lawn Health Services Agreement

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