Our Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Program

Hopefully if you’ve reached this page, you already know what sets us apart. If not, click here.

Even though our competitive edge is our customer-centered orientation – our customers typically found us searching for a solution for lawn health, weed control, and fertilization services.

A simple program skillfully executed is all that’s needed. Here’s the gyst of what our program looks like. If you’re crazy about details (like our founder) – please reach out to us for your specific questions.  (Or if you’re looking for specific details on services, we provide information here for weed control and fertilizer.)

  • We get rid of the weeds.
  • We make your lawn super green and healthy.
  • Guaranteed.
  • You water your lawn.
  • You mow your lawn.
  • We talk whenever you want.

Why to Not Use Willis

We have a very loyal customer base. We have found several reasons you may be better suited to stay with your current lawn care service.

  • You are thoroughly pleased with their communication.
  • You are happy with your lawn’s health and general appearance.
  • You feel like your current provider has done a great job for you.

Interesting Information About Willis

  • Our salespeople are trained to not be pushy.
  • Our customers are extremely loyal. Our retention rate is 97%.
  • We have a Bible-study every Monday morning at 6:30 AM.
  • Only half of our mission involves the customer. We are equally focused on improving the lives of our people which in return benefits our customers 10 fold.
  • We spend no-less than 48 hours per year in “Strategic Planning” meetings, discussing how to make things better for our customers.
  • We’re not afraid of telling you “no” if you’re asking for something we can’t execute with excellence.
  • While offering a 100% money-back guarantee, we’ve never had anyone request a payout.
  • We operate a boutique commercial landscape maintenance company.
  • Our employees are paid significantly higher than others in the industry.