Oklahoma Weed Control Services

Weed Prevention for Your Lawn

Our weed control process will address of all your weeds. We believe you should be able to hire our company knowing that we can solve all your lawn weed problems without exception. And you should have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Oh, and you shouldn’t have to sign a contract.

A big part of weed control is lawn health which is why our weed control process is not a standalone service but is included in our Willis Lawn Care Program which is our foundational program for your lawns health.   

What does the weed treatment look like?

weed control treatment
Lawn treated by Willis

We use a blue colorant in certain liquid-applied lawn treatments. This is especially noticeable in the early part of the year. What does the blue colorant do? It provides you with a peace-of-mind that your entire lawn is being treated.

Our treatments will always be extremely clean and uniform. Our technicians are trained to spray only the lawn – not fences, not toys, not driveways, etc.

What is in the weed control treatment?

We use a lot of products and the list continually grows. Our weed control program’s most powerful tools are pre-emergent herbicides. We use a variety of post-emergent herbicides, especially for new lawns or lawns that have a big problem with certain types of weeds.

Additionally, we are huge fans of trying new technology to improve weed prevention, more convenient treatment schedules, and keeping your investment as low as possible while maintain excellence.

Now what?