*Please note – To offer the greatest service to our customers – our minimum maintenance job is an annual commitment for weekly mowing services. All other services are added to the package on top of mowing services. We are not currently offering one-time jobs on residential accounts as these jobs can take focus off of what we do best – maintenance.


Our company is well versed in maintaining the functionality, health, and aesthetics of the most sensitive and expensive landscapes. We are also there for those who just need a simple weed control, fertilizer, and mowing services package. All pictures on our website are of our own customers’ properties. We want to bring this same quality-of-work to you, so please contact us!


We offer two types of billing –averaged installment billing and services-in-month billing. Many residential customers prefer to pay with averaged installment billing (similar to utility company offerings) to have predictable maintenance expenses every month. Services-in-month billing is where we bill you at the end of each month for the services which were performed during the month.


Our culture is one of self-awareness and respect. Our crews will make sure our customers feel safe. We are intentional to not peer into cars or homes, to keep our eyes on our work and not on our customers, and to use caution with tools and materials when customers are near.

Our complete list of residential services includes:

  • Weekly lawn and bed maintenance (mowing, flowerbed weeding, etc.)
  • Weed control & lawn health
  • Seasonal color plantings
  • Flowerbed mulch installation
  • Hedge/shrub trimming
  • Trash cleanup
  • Landscape Plant Health
  • Water feature management
  • Off-season Cleanups
  • Irrigation System Management
  • Organic Fertilizers