OKC Custom Christmas Lights Services

Make your holiday season more bright with our custom holiday lighting installation service for your home, office building, or special event!

Recreating the Magic and Warmth of Childhood

If you’re like me, Christmas lights were magical as a youngster. We have kids too, and we are passionate about recreating those moments of thrill and awe for others and their families. Your family, neighbors or customers, and the community love seeing Christmas light displays. Click here to see why our lights are so amazing.


Custom Design

We offer an on-site consultation to go over your home and design needs. Each design is completely custom. Our people will be able to assess the property, listen to your ideas, or even provide creative direction if you don’t know what will look good! Enter the form at the bottom of the page for the important details.


Installation & Maintenance

Our installers will professionally install your lights, timers, and extension cords. We are thorough in our installs to reduce maintenance. We want to reduce maintenance because it’s free with us! Damaged bulbs, fallen strands, etc. – All hassle free with our company! Enter the form at the bottom of the page for the important details.


Removal & Storage

In January we’ll come to retrieve the lights. We will map the design for your home, remove the lights, and store them for you every year. This way you are 100% off the hook for your lights, especially during the 5 year warranty! Enter the form at the bottom of the page for the important details.


We service all types of residential homes. There is no level of Christmas lighting that should be viewed as insignificant. For children and adults both, there is something about displaying Christmas lights that adds warmth to our lives during the holiday season. We are eager to see your home and hear what type of installation and colors of lights you enjoy! We love helping create your ideas.


How to stand out during the holidays: BRANDED Christmas light installs. Let us create a customized branded design utilizing your company colors or logo. Or – go with a classy or festive look just to serve the community and your customers well during the season of warmth and memories. Branding and community involvement is hugely important, and this checks off the “What else can we do to give it 100%?” box!

Why NOT to Choose Us

If you’re price shopping but already have great service, you should consider staying with your current installer. Or, if you’d be ok with taking a few shortcuts to keep your price down, we will not be the best selection. For us, there’s nothing worse than the lights going out, continued reliability issues, or fire/safety hazards. We’re competitive, but we aren’t the cheapest. We will always prioritize safety, service, secure installs, and sustainability (our ability to service you for years to come) above all else. If this strikes a chord with you, then please fill out the form below.

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