3 Ways Zoysia Grass Differs from Bermuda Grass

Distinguishing Between Bermuda and Zoysia Turf If you’re unsure whether you have Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass in your lawn, there are a few key ways to determine the type of grass. In Oklahoma, Bermuda grass is the most common type of grass found in lawns. However, if you suspect that you may have a […]

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How Does a Pre-Emergent Herbicide Work?

Each year in the spring and fall, you begin hearing the phrase “pre-emergent” being tossed around pertaining to lawn care. (Did you know you can also use a pre-emergent in your flowerbeds?!)   If you haven’t already read our post about what a pre-emergent is, you should do so. But now we’ll take a quick look […]

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grass stop growing

When Does Grass Stop Growing in Oklahoma?

Learn when grass should go dormant in Oklahoma, dangers that make it stop growing early, and how to prepare your lawn for changing seasons.

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fertilize your lawn

When to Fertilize Your Lawn in Oklahoma

Here are the best times to fertilize warm-season and cool-season grasses, plus the best way to properly fertilize your lawn.

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Common Weeds Found in Oklahoma 

Read here about the common weeds that may be invading your lawn and how to fight them.

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Why Lawn Care Guarantees Suck

Something we often hear in life is “you can’t be perfect, so just do your best.” While this may or may not be good advice for personal life – it’s terrible when it’s applied as a business principle. And — it’s really expensive if you’re offering a money-back guarantee. Isn’t it the obligation of the […]

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bernie nittens lawn

Bernie Sanders Regrets Not Hiring Willis – Mitten Consolation

OKLAHOMA CITY – So many have wondered about the disappointed look on Bernie Sander’s face on Inauguration Day. Bernie is long known for spending time at his Heritage Hills vacation home in Oklahoma City. When asked “Why Oklahoma?” in an exclusive interview in 2018 with The Lost Ogle, Bernie responded “Let me just say this, […]

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watering lawn

When to Water in Lawn Pre-emergent

If there is one thing that can make or break your investment in lawn care services – it’s proper watering. If a lawn is not properly watered after a treatment it can result in many months of your lawn not looking as good as it could. Let’s break this down into a Q&A format to […]

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weed control treatment pre-emergent application

Why do you spray for weeds when summer is almost over?

Whats the deal with all these lawn treatments? To most people, weed control and fertilizer is confusing and mysterious. But it’s actually pretty simple: Kill the weeds that are alive Prevent new weeds from growing Give the lawn the food it would like to eat What treatment should I put on my yard this time […]

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Lawn Contractor’s Insight For A Beautiful Healthy Lawn

How do I develop a healthy Bermuda grass lawn in central Oklahoma? Let me guess – you were never happy with your aesthetic accomplishments outside last year? Not being able to achieve a lush, weed-free lawn can be frustrating and disappointing. Thousands of people fight year after year toward “lawn bliss” but can’t seem to achieve […]

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