Why Lawn Care Guarantees Suck

Something we often hear in life is “you can’t be perfect, so just do your best.” While this may or may not be good advice for personal life – it’s terrible when it’s applied as a business principle. And — it’s really expensive if you’re offering a money-back guarantee. Isn’t it the obligation of the […]

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Expect these 14 things from lawn care services

The Unfortunate Truth About Most Lawn Care Providers When you begin a relationship with a weed control company you’re excited to see the results. You’re expecting a weed free lawn and healthy thick grass. Ahh – the serenity. However, after 5 years you realize after switching from service to service that no company is trying […]

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Red Mulch – Side Effects On Commercial Properties

Several months ago one of our commercial property owners who owns 15 local restaurants was debating on switching from the natural mulch to a dyed red mulch. They liked how showy the red was and how much it popped. “I hear you!” I replied. I totally understand utilizing the landscape to draw the attention of […]

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Sprinkler Systems – How do they even work?

Understanding the basics of lawn sprinkler systems It’s Saturday afternoon, and you’re wandering through the crunchy grass, wondering what the next step is for you and your lawn. You venture over to the garage and open the sprinkler systems controller box. You push some buttons and maybe turn a knob. At least the water came […]

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Empathizing With Class A Property Managers

Class A property managers are some of the most aspirational, proactive and accomplished business people I know. These character traits are crucial to successfully managing and preserving Class A assets. Progress and improvement are their goals and their pain points are anything that stand in the way of these goals. Over the years of working with property […]

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Capturing Customers of Integrity

The subtle art of attracting customers who do business like you and the reward of integrity to high standards operating. The Best and Worst Customers Have you ever thought about why certain customers are your favorite or why you don’t like some of them? Because you’re reading this, I am going to make a few […]

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