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4103 Thomas Drive, Del City, OK 73115

Phone: 405-265-5168


Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday: Offices Closed

Sunday: Day of Rest

Areas Served

Del City, Midwest City, Choctaw, Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City, Southwest Oklahoma City, Southeast Oklahoma City, Harrah, Nicoma Park, Spencer, and surrounding OKC areas.

Average Lawn Details

Lawn size: 8,354 square feet

Soil pH: 7.6

Turf type: common Bermuda

Soil conditions: sandy further east, red and black clay central and south areas

Technicians in area: 4

Time to resolve customer requests: 1.25 business days

Your Midwest City Lawn Care Team

A beautiful, healthy, green lawn feels good under your feet, smells great, and is good for wildlife, too. It also prevents soil erosion and purifies air quality. Lawns deliver a wide range of benefits. However, they can be a challenge to grow and maintain without the right expertise. 

Being proud of your lawn year-round doesn’t have to be a challenge. Many property owners in the Oklahoma City area have achieved weed-free, healthy, green grass as the result of our top-rated lawn maintenance. Those summer cookouts are just that much sweeter when you’re planting your chair and relaxing on a lush lawn.

Here at Willis Lawn Services, we deliver professional lawn care services that result in beautiful lawns year-round. Our dedication to customer service sets us apart from the rest, as does our unique approach to your lawn. Our secret? We tailor our approach for each lawn based on its composition and geography, as well as your goals as the property owner. This results in healthy and vibrant green grass. Our job as lawn care professionals is to help you get the lawn of your dreams.

Our Services

You can choose between any of our proven lawn care services. They’ve been created by our expert team based on the grass and expected results in the Midwest City area. 

Across these different services, we consistently deliver customer service that is above and beyond. At Willis, we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to repeat business – we don’t trap people in long-term contracts. In fact, we’re so confident in our work that we offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our services. We’ll reimburse for up to 12 months, starting at the most recent renewal. You can find out more about our guarantee here.Ready to get started on your journey toward your dream lawn? Get a free quote today. We promise friendly customer service as well as lawn care done right.

Midwest City Lawn Services FAQ

If you have questions about your lawn or the services we provide, feel free to contact us. Here are some answers to common questions about lawn care in the Midwest City area.

What is the Willis Lawn Care Program?

The Lawn Care Program is different from most other lawn services because it’s custom-made for your unique needs. Instead of buying a pre-set number of lawn treatments per year, you pay for a year-round ongoing service that we tailor to your lawn. You read that right – the number, type, and frequency of treatments will depend entirely on you and the current state of the grass at your property.

For property owners around Midwest City, this program offers exactly what specific lawns need, delivering no more and no less in a perfectly balanced service. The overall approach to your lawn is unique. We also include, as a standard, our lawn weed control and lawn fertilization services, as these have been proven to enhance and elevate every lawn we work on. Ready to get started? Simply schedule a conversation today and our expert team will let you know how they can help.

How does the Willis Lawn Care process work?

Many property owners across the Oklahoma City area start off with a soil test when they work with Willis Lawn Services for the first time. This lets us know if the soil on your property requires any treatments, like a pH adjustment. From this point, we can start to assess whether you have any further requirements, such as:

– Lawn aeration services
– Grubworm preventative services
– Armyworm preventative services
– Soil testing services
– Soil amendments services

How do Weed Control Services work at Willis Lawn Services?

Our weed control service is incredibly effective when used as part of the Willis Lawn Care Program, which is why it’s included as a standard service. We treat your lawn like what it is – an entire ecosystem that needs multiple levels of care. 

During the weed control phases of the Willis Lawn Care Program, we address all your weeds. You can actually see the work we’re doing in progress, as we use a blue colorant to mark where we’ve treated for weeds. Our technicians apply the treatment in a neat and uniform way, and never spray your driveway, fences, toys or flower beds.

In terms of what’s in the treatment, we are always updating our list based on new industry standards, best practices, and innovations. Overall, we always use the most powerful tools and newest technology as well as pre-emergent herbicides.

The exact post-emergent herbicides we use are based on the types of weeds present in your lawn, and we will tailor our approach accordingly. Our focus is on delivering excellent results while also ensuring that we work around convenient treatment schedules for you and keep your investment as low as possible.

As with all of our services, we deliver weed control with a 100% money-back guarantee, without a contract.

How do Lawn Fertilization Services work at Willis Lawn Services?

In general, the Midwest City area has Bermuda grass. We build our fertilization service around the best practices for strong results with this specific kind of grass. This is delivered by our team of experts during convenient sessions as part of the Willis Lawn Care Program.

Our approach is specifically designed for our climate here in central Oklahoma, and we use the best fertilizers to get the job done. We do this over an annual calendar and never over-treat – instead, we ensure our customers receive the right amount of product for their lawn.

Our lawn fertilization calendar is built specifically to provide ideal nutrient levels for maximum lawn density and color while preventing the need for excessive mowing. We also believe your lawn should be consistently dark green – not fade between applications.This is why we follow OSU OK County Extension office’s calendar for treatments.

In general, this means we apply fertilizer every 6 weeks beginning in April/May.

Fertilizer 1 – Delivers quick growth and healthy green
Fertilizer 2 – Delivers color and density improvements
Fertilizer 3 – Delivers color and density improvements
Fertilizer 4 – Finishes out the season with a healthy lawn in preparation for winter

What are the results of our careful and considered approach and mission for perfection? A dense and healthy lawn for our customers. Of course, this experience is 100% guaranteed. We don’t trap people in stressful contracts and instead let the quality of our work speak for itself. We work hard, do an excellent job, and deliver an elite lawn that you’ll be proud of all year round.

How do the Lawn Aeration Services work at Willis Lawn Services?

Over time, your lawn can compact and compress and sink into itself. This creates dense and solid soil, which is incredibly difficult for roots to push through. Lawn aeration is the antidote to this problem.

So, how does lawn aeration work? A powerful aeration machine is used to pull “plugs” of soil and grass out of your lawn. This is kind of like a hole puncher. It drives down into the soil with its sharp tines and then, like a cookie cutter, it cuts and ejects the unwanted piece of soil. This leaves 4-inch plugs lying on the top of your lawn. They naturally decompose after a few weeks.

It’s important to note that proper lawn aeration must be done with the correct machinery. There is a lot of conflicting information out there online – blogs and articles may say that the “spike” aeration method is effective, but it is not. It simply involves driving something sharp, like a pitchfork, into the ground multiple times. This only serves to compress your soil further, because it doesn’t pull any soil or grass out. This does nothing helpful for your front yard and can often prove to be a waste of time.

What are the benefits of Lawn Aeration Services at Willis?

When you perform correct and proper lawn aeration, your lawn benefits greatly. With all that extra room to spread into, new root growth can take hold. The extra space also increases the transfer of water, air, and nutrients directly into the areas where the grass will really benefit, down in the soil.

Another benefit of aeration is that it speeds up the decomposition of spongy thatch, which is organic matter that builds up on lawns. Unfortunately, thatch is a breeding ground for pests and diseases. Lawn aeration nips it in the bud. We also recommend lawn aeration for properties that see a lot of traffic on the lawn – whether that’s foot, play, pet, or vehicle. By aerating the lawn, you’ll create a more consistent level of growth with more evenly growing grass.

In terms of the best time to aerate, any time during the growing season is good. However, early summer delivers the most impactful results. Giving soil the space to spread out and decompress is like a natural steroid shot – people see the results in the shape of beautiful new growth and luscious green grass. In general, we offer this to our clients on the Willis Lawn Care Program, as then we can be certain that their lawn is being treated correctly in all other aspects and that aeration will reach its full potential.

What do I need to do before my Lawn Aeration Services from Willis Lawn Services?

Our specialist team will talk you through everything you need to know. But to give you an overview of how to prepare, we suggest marking important areas on your lawn for the technician’s awareness. This means pointing out dog fences, sprinklers, any underground systems, and irrigation systems. You might also want to clean up any stray toys or lawn furniture to make sure we have a clear space to work with. Then, you simply need to water the lawn every day leading up to the aeration, and sit back while our experts get the job done. After the service, you simply need to go back to your usual lawn maintenance routine.

Get in touch with our friendly team by calling 405-347-8289. They’ll discuss your needs and help you create an effective plan for your lawn moving forward.

How is Willis different from other lawn care service providers?

Our full-service approach is truly unique, and that’s what sets us apart from the competition. Instead of simply treating your lawn an agreed number of times a year, we continuously assess and analyze the state of your lawn. Our treatments are decided based on that assessment, meaning you get exactly what you need from us, instead of a generic package based on profit.

Ultimately, the way that your lawn looks is the best indicator of whether we’re doing a good job. We use this as a yardstick and promise to keep innovating and working until it looks a vibrant and healthy green. You simply pay one time for the entire year (which can also be broken down into 12 monthly payments), and then you let our experts come in and start crafting results. 

Do you do tree trimming or landscape services?

Many of our clients ask us whether we do tree trimming or landscape services – especially after they see the outstanding results that we achieve with their lawns. But the truth is, we want to do one thing, and do it exceptionally well. That’s why we specialize in lawn services including weed control, fertilization, and aeration. This is all underpinned by our expert approach to customer service, in which we aim to give you the most beautiful lawn and the easiest client experience.

We, therefore, don’t foray into landscape maintenance, pest control, tree services, landscape design, sod installation, leaf removal, seeding, or any other landscaping services. If you want premium lawn care services from professionals with years of experience who will put your satisfaction and the ease of your experience above all else, call us now or get a quote online.

What Midwest City area neighborhoods are you in?

Willis Lawn Services provides service across the Oklahoma City metro. From Yukon to Harrah, Edmond to Norman, we’re in your neighborhood. Our specialized South/East Oklahoma office takes care of all your needs in the Midwest City area. As a dedicated lawn care company, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the homeowners experience the best lawn care services we can possibly provide. This means our services are personalized and supportive, resulting in a truly elite lawn.