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15712 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Cube 3,

Edmond, OK 73013

Phone: 405-241-4874


Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday: Closed

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Areas Served

Edmond, North Oklahoma City, Northwest Oklahoma City, Deer Creek, Piedmont, and surrounding areas.

Average Lawn Details

Lawn size: 6,109 square feet

Soil pH: 7.4

Turf type: common Bermuda

Soil conditions: red clay west, dark clay central/east, sandy east

Technicians in area: 3

Time to resolve customer requests: 1.32 business days

The Best Lawn Care Services in Edmond Oklahoma

Lawns treated by the Willis team are robust, lush, green, and growing! Our team of local experts has been delivering outstanding lawn care services to homeowners in Edmond, the “Crown Jewel of Oklahoma,” for years.

With a balance of next-level customer service and scientific precision, we diagnose your individual lawn and then create a custom plan to nurture it to the place you want it to be. After all, when football season starts and you plant your Sooners or Cowboys (or Bronchos!) sign in your front yard, you don’t want it sticking out of yellow grass. Our lawn maintenance services ensure that your lawn serves as a beautiful green gateway to your property.

Services Tailored to You

Unlike many other Edmond lawn care services, the full-service Willis experience is completely personalized. We offer a comprehensive Lawn Care Program that revolves around you. This means that the frequency and type of treatments will be determined based on the unique issues of your lawn. We also determine our prices based upon your individual needs. On top of this, you’ll receive, as part of every Lawn Care Program, these standard services:

That is usually more than enough to take care of your lawn needs. However, each client is different, and so we also offer optional add-ons, which we may recommend based on your lawn. These include:

  • Lawn aeration services
  • Armyworm preventative services
  • Grubworm preventative services
  • Soil testing services
  • Soil amendments services

We offer so much more than just a “weed-free lawn.” We offer to apply our local expertise, do an excellent job, and work with you every step of the way toward a long-lasting, healthy lawn.

Our Promise

Sick of paying for the same old lawn treatments and getting the same old underwhelming results? Our top-rated professional lawn care team delivers much more, and respects your money while they’re at it.

We believe in getting paid for strong results, not for simply following a standard lawn maintenance process. So, our entire Lawn Care Program is guaranteed. We’ll reimburse you for up to 12 months, starting at your most recent renewal, if you’re not pleased with the results we deliver. To learn more about our guarantee, click here.Ready to see the magic happen? For next-level local lawn care, simply reach out to us and get a free quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions on Edmond Lawn Care Services

Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions you might have as a homeowner in Edmond about our lawn care services. For your convenience, we have gathered answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) in this helpful guide. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, simply contact us!

How can the Lawn Care Program help me?

From summer days on Lake Arcadia to winter nights spent skating at the Edmond Ice Rink, you want to come home to a beautifully well-maintained lawn. That’s where we come in. Willis Lawn Care ensures that your lawn is thriving, luscious green, and beautifully healthy year-round.

We deliver tailored services in terms of number, type, and frequency of lawn treatments, and this process really generates results. We don’t simply follow a set program and send you the bill at the end. You invest in lawn care results, and we deliver them.

The Lawn Care Program itself is not one single package that we can describe for you here — it’s an entirely unique treatment based on the state of your lawn and the results you’d like to see. Often, we start with a soil test. This gives us insight into whether your soil needs any pH adjustment. Then, we can think about a tailored approach to fertilizer. Of course, as best practice, we include lawn weed control and lawn fertilization services as part of the program to ensure a robust, resilient, green lawn.

Have you experienced specific challenges with your lawn? We’re confident we can help. Simply schedule a conversation today.

What is the Weed Control Service?

Great question. The weed control service comes as a standard part of our Lawn Care Program. We diagnose your lawn’s health and then create a custom weed control plan to address all your weeds. Our local experts know exactly what kind of weeds thrive in the Oklahoma City area, and specifically in Edmond, and will use that knowledge in helping eradicate them.

You’ll actually be able to see our work in action, as certain liquid-applied lawn treatments contain a blue colorant. This will highlight exactly where our technicians have sprayed and you’ll see that your lawn is being treated in its entirety, with no patchy areas, and no excess spray making its way onto your driveway, fences, flower beds, toys, mower, or house.

In terms of what’s in the weed control products, our expert team will be more than happy to talk through the details with you. We use a lot of products and our list is always growing as we keep tabs on the latest weed control tools in the industry. We use pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides when needed as they are powerful and help our clients who experience problems with certain types of weeds. Our trusty technology also enables us to control the weeds on your lawn.

Best of all? We deliver this service with a 100% money-back guarantee and without a contract.

What is the Lawn Fertilization Service?

The second service included in our Lawn Care Program is lawn fertilization. Our lawn fertilization specialists are able to create outstanding results, and have particular expertise with Bermuda grass lawns. Bermuda grass is the most frequent type of grass that we see in the Edmond, North/NW OKC area, and areas all around the state. For this reason, our lawn fertilization expertise is tailored to this.

We use the highest quality fertilizer in the industry — only the best for our clients. In terms of approach, we are highly conscious of the environment and of our clients’ budgets, so we put only the necessary amount of product on their lawns. We never over-treat, and we precisely administer the right amount to make sure that we get dark green grass with healthy root systems to delight our customers.

We do not offer our fertilizer as a standalone service. It must be purchased in a program.

How often will my lawn be fertilized?

In terms of lawn fertilization frequency, we follow the Oklahoma County OSU Extension Center’s calendar. This means that your lawn will be fertilized every 6 weeks, starting in April or May. Take a look at the details of our lawn fertilization below:

Fertilizer 1 – Quick green up and growth.

Fertilizers 2 and 3 – Geared toward color and density improvement and maintenance.

Fertilizer 4 – Helps finish out the season with a healthy lawn and prepare for winter.

(All programs include 3 weed prevention treatments.)

Our fertilization calendar is carefully calibrated to ensure that your lawn gets exactly the right nutrients at the right time to encourage maximum lawn density and vibrant green color, without the need for excessive lawn mowing services. We strive for consistent color over time that doesn’t fade between sessions.

What is the Lawn Aeration Service add-on?

Outside of our Lawn Care Program, we may recommend add-ons to you, depending on the issues with your specific lawn. One of those add-ons is lawn aeration, which is also sometimes called aerification. This powerful tool in the lawn maintenance toolbox can supercharge your lawn’s health.

So, how does it work? Well, lawn aeration involves taking our specialized heavy machine, which has a number of tines (hole punches), and using it to cut into the soil of your lawn and eject plugs of soil and grass. These are left on the lawn to decompose, and in the meantime, the soil in your lawn will begin to spread into the voids left from the machine’s hole-punching tines.

Giving the soil space to shift and move out like this brings with it a whole host of benefits. It oxidizes the soil, encourages rigorous new root growth, and enables water and nutrients to more directly access the grass’ roots.

The look and feel of your lawn will seriously improve with aeration. Aeration rapidly speeds up decomposition of any old organic material in your lawn (also known as thatch), which can contribute to a spongy, dense feel. With that out of the way, your lawn feels healthier and lighter.

What method of lawn aeration do you use at Willis?

You may have heard of plug and core aeration, but these are actually two terms for the same thing. Spike aeration, on the other hand, is a different method, but it isn’t the best aeration treatment for your lawn. When you use a spike aerator, it pushes a sharp rod of steel into your soil and creates a hole. But it doesn’t bring any soil back out again, which just compresses the sponge-like material under the surface. This has the exact opposite effect from what you want, creating a denser space instead of more room for your soil to spread out. As a best practice and industry standard, we use core aeration for all our professional engagements.

When does lawn aeration happen?

We carry out lawn aeration during the growing season if you have Bermuda grass, like many properties in the Oklahoma City area do.

Something to consider during those summer months is that following core aeration or plug aeration, you will have many thousands of small half-inch wide, 2-3 inch long “plugs” of soil laying all over the top of your lawn. This may get in the way if you have foot traffic on your lawn, or if you’re planning on hosting any outdoor events over those summer weeks. However, as you water your lawn these will break down. It usually takes about 1-3 weeks.

Can I aerate my own lawn?

Absolutely! We’d caution you to keep an eye out, however, for products that claim to be core aerators, but that actually just deliver spike aeration. You might also see articles stating that you can simply push a pitchfork into your soil and achieve the same result as a spike aerator — as you now know, that doesn’t deliver the desired results, and just compresses the soil!

Core aerators are the most effective tool for anyone looking to aerate their own lawn. You may find it labor-intensive, but it will give you the quality boost in your lawn that you’re looking for. Watch out for objects in the ground, like sprinkler heads and valve boxes and invisible dog fences. If you mark these before you start your aeration project, you’ll make sure to avoid them.

Our expert team can also take over and get your lawn aeration done for you, of course. If you’re ready to give your lawn a turbo boost of nutrients, water, and air, reach out to us at (405) 241-4874 for more information or to get signed up!

Why should I go with Willis over the competition?

Every lawn maintenance service out there will promise to eradicate your weeds. Every service will promise green grass. Every service will come and treat your lawn a few times a year. Not every service will create a tailored plan, based on your unique situation. Not every service will give you a money-back guarantee, based on results. Not every lawn care company will give you a truly dependable experience. At Willis, we do, because we care about building long-term customer relationships.

You’ll simply pay once for the year. We give customers the option to break this down into 12 monthly payments to make life easier for them. And you can cancel at any time, and receive your money back if the results aren’t as expected.

Does Willis also offer tree trimming and landscape services?

A beautiful lawn starts with healthy green grass. But, of course, more goes into a stunning outdoor space than that. Tree services, landscape design, sod installation, leaf removal, seeding, and landscaping services all play a major role in the beauty of an outdoor space. But at Willis, we’re here to deliver incredibly well on the foundational element of it all — the lawn.

We are proudly dedicated to serving Edmond’s lawn care needs, and we offer just those specialized services, such as weed control, fertilization, and aeration. We do not offer landscape maintenance, tree care, or any other service. There are many high-quality specialists who are able to deliver on those elements of outdoor maintenance in Edmond and the surrounding areas.

For all of your premium lawn care services, come to Willis — professionals with years of experience who are dedicated to giving you a robust result year after year. Call us now or get a quote online.

What Edmond area neighborhoods do you serve?

Our experts are ready to help you with your lawn care all across the metro Oklahoma City area. Whether you live in Bethany or Arcadia, Mustang or Moore, we’re there for your lawn care needs. If you’re looking for local lawn care, our North/Northwest Lawn Care Office serves neighborhoods all around Edmond and North/Northwest OKC. Call us at (405) 241-4874.