Charity Sponsorship Request

An easy way to raise up to $300 per year for your charitable organization.

At Willis, we are big believers in community involvement.

We are also working hard at growing our business so that we can contribute more.

We have discovered something that can accomplish both things at the same time!

We are looking to partner with up to 20 Oklahoma based organization based non-profit organizations per year to contribute financially in exchange for a link placed to our website on the charities website.

Because this is open to anyone, we have a few criteria that the requestor must meet.

  • This is a super low-cost (only a few minutes of your webmaster’s time) way to raise funds for your organization.
  • Must be an Oklahoma based non-profit, ideally OKC Metro & suburbs
  • Your organization must not conflict with our values which align with The Holy Bible.
  • We are only looking for a web link. We are not necessarily looking for additional marketing opportunities, but only for a link on your website linking to ours. The link doesn’t have to be front and center on your website, but could simply be placed on a sponsors page or in the footer of your website.
  • Link must not be a “nofollow” link. If you are not tech-savy, be sure to ask your webmaster if the link is a normal link or if it is a “nofollow” link. (If your website is pretty basic, you’re probably safe here.)
  • Our maximum sponsorship level is $300 per year. If you do not have any pre-designed marketing packages in this range, consider creating a special. The special would include only a web-link for us.
  • Please enter the amount you’d like to raise in exchange for a link from your site to ours. Since we are trying to partner with as many as possible, the lowest dollar amount submissions will be awarded first.