Capturing Customers of Integrity

What is the common denominator among all of your best and worst customers? I’d be willing to bet that it’s the value of integrity, or lack thereof. Learn how we use a prospects level of integrity to decide whether to pursue them. And how we draw in prospects who exemplify integrity in their business operations.

Empathizing with Class A Property Managers

Class A property managers are some of the most aspirational, proactive and accomplished business people I know. These character traits are crucial to successfully managing and preserving Class A assets. Progress and improvement are their goals and their pain points are anything that stand in the way of these goals. Over the years of working with property manager, I’ve learned there is almost always one common pain point…

Red Mulch – Side-effects on Commercial Properties

Several months ago one of our commercial property owners who owns 15 restaurants here locally was debating on switching from the natural colored mulch a dyed red mulch. They liked how showy the red was and how much it popped. “I HEAR YA!” I replied. I totally understand utilizing the landscape to draw the attention of prospects – in fact I’m a huge proponent of this.