Mission & Core Values

Oklahoma City Best Lawn Care

Mission Statement

Delight our customers by exceeding expectations.

Our mission statement is not empty words. It is used every day for determining investments, making hires, and checking our own personal initiatives within our company.

  • “Delight” – an experience that is better than satisfactory, an experience you look forward to doing again.
  • “our” – loyal following belonging to us because of what we promise and deliver
  • “customers” – people like us, who work hard for their money – expect it to be put to good use for their own benefit
  • “by exceeding” – never accepting “satisfactory” as an acceptable customer experience
  • “expectations” – the world of thoughts, feelings, and assumptions – whether good or bad, reinforced by past experiences and future hopes

Core Values

Our core values are used in hiring and firing. Our entire company is evaluated by peers and by department leaders, scoring each of us against our core values on a quarterly basis – noting successes and failures.

  1. Respectful – We are respectful of all of the people, equipment, rules and laws, and the environment.
  2. Real 100 – We believe that our idea of 100% effort given requires us to never accept any singular thing that is less than perfect in our business, for our customer’s sake. We owe it to them.
  3. Integrity – We will have integrity in everything we do.
  4. Selfless Desire for the Greater Good – Regardless of how uncomfortable we become, we will always fill every role to ensure the stability of the company and the dependability of our customers.
  5. Proud to Produce – Everyone in our company feels satisfaction in looking at the proof of a solid day’s work.
  6. “I Cant” Never Did – You must be a problem solver to work well in our company. Saying “I can’t” never accomplished anything.
  7. Carpe Diem – We don’t operate assuming we can solve an issue tomorrow. Get it done today.
  8. Own it – Each of us takes responsibility for our failures and the failures underneath us. We don’t take on projects or make promises that we aren’t willing to “own” in all potential outcomes.

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